About the Conference

Zain e-Learning Center at the University of Bahrain is organizing the Fifth International Conference on e-Learning entitled:

“Cognitively informed technology”


Zain e Learning Center organizes selected presentations for the best practices in the design, development, management and teaching of e-courses to demonstrate excellence, creativity and identification of the criteria for such excellence. Although the e-courses vary from one program to another and from one culture to another, the elements of creativity and excellence attract the attention of users and make them benefit from the experience of others. To achieve the strategy of the university in exchange of academic expertise, the e-learning center organizes at the University of Bahrain a presentation for the best practices and best standards in the design, development and employment of technology in the educational process for all users in Arab and Western universities. A competition for the best course will be made at the conference and the best creative work to improve the environment for e-learning will be nominated for the conference Award.

Conference Themes:

  1. Outstanding presentation and the secret of excellence.
  2. The role of technology innovation.
  3. How to employ the culture of innovation in e-learning.
  4. Transfer of expertise and knowledge and its importance in improving e-learning.

Conference Objectives:

  • Benefiting from the experiences of different universities in this area.
  • Encouraging creativity in the areas of e-learning, design, development and transfer of expertise.
  • Transfer and exchange of knowledge and expertise to strengthen relations and improve the quality of university e-courses.
  • Consolidating the foundations and principles of electronic design to gain universality.
  • Consolidate Bahrain's position in the technological and technical expertise and their employment globally.

Conference Language:

Arabic and English “translation available”.

Conference venue:

Crown Plaza, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Conference fees:

  • Participant with papers and Members of IEEE shall pay 300 U.S. dollar (US$).
  • Non-Members of IEEE and participant with papers shall pay 350 U.S. dollar (US$).
  • Registration fees for participant without papers and Members of IEEE shall pay 350 U.S. dollar (US$.
  • Registration fees for participant without papers and  Non-Members of IEEE shall pay 450 U.S. dollar (US$).

Duration of the conference:e:

18th - 20th Oct 2015.


Alongside the conference, an exhibition of telecommunication companies, technologies and software related to e-learning as well as learning management systems, e-universities adopt e-learning programs will be on display.

Special terms and conditions for participation with papers:

The Academic Committee requires participants to send a two page summary of the paper to approve its relevance to the conference themes. A full paper must be sent 2 months prior to the commencement of the conference. A digital copy of the paper must not exceed 30 pages.


e-mail address: econf2015@gmail.com
Tel: (+973)17437717 - (+973)17437707.
Fax: (+973) 17449027


Please note that all travel expenses are to be borne by the participants, Lunch and Transportation will be provided by the center.